Monday, June 23, 2008


I was goofing around with a couple of my friends when we decided to take a few sleeve faces using my old record covers. For those who would like to see more sleeve faces, just go to There are a lot of funny pics there. Here are two and wait until we do more sleeve faces using Anita Sarawak, Sharifah Aini and Noorkumalasari's record covers. (they are my favourites!) How I miss going to the record shop and looking at the covers.

Ogy Ahmad Daud - Bintang Harapan

Gaya Zakry - Derita Hati Kutanggung Sendiri

Saturday, June 21, 2008


My colleague's daughter got married today. It seems like yesterday when she was still a schoolgirl. Her 'akad nikah' ceremony took place yesterday morning. Congratulations! This is the picture of the bridal dais.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I finally had a good night sleep last night. I was unable to sleep well for the past few days (except last night). All this was due to my cats. I have four at home and two of them were in heat! Somehow, they did not want to do it at home and the noise that they were making was unbearable. (especially the female). To make it worse, the whole thing could last for hours. Starting with the suggestive catcalls, flirtatious rubbing, sniffing etc et etc before they get to the real thing. I tried to put them out but they insisted on doing it in the house. Finally, I locked both of them in the bathroom! What a relief! When I let them out this morning, both acted as if they did not know each other. The first thing that they did was howling at the top of their voices for food. I guess their all-night-long lovemaking must have made them really ravenous!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I adore my 'Kak Whitney'. I even attended her 'Live 'N' Loud' show last year. Despite her present vocal quality, I am still her number one fan. Enjoy her 'Love To Infinity Megamix' video!


I love weddings! Having friends who are bridal boutique owners and make-up artists has enabled me to attend a few weddings especially during these school holidays. Here are a few pictures of the bridal dais that I have taken.