Saturday, April 8, 2017

APRIL 8 2017

Abah, 12 years have passed and you are still remembered and loved till this day. Al Fatihah for you and Mak and Ati. Amein.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Exactly one year ago, my second sister passed away. Almost seven months after my Mum's passing. It was such a blow to me and my family especially to her only daughter. My sister was not even 60 years old yet and had only retired for slightly more than a year. After my Mum left us, we tried to support and console each other as much as we could. We went about with our daily lives although we were still grieving and mourning. It was difficult and I knew it was much more difficult for my sister since she was very close to my Mum. My sister had lost her one and only confidant. The 2015 school year had not even ended yet at that time and I promised that I would go and fetch her to stay with me for the school holidays since she was not feeling very well. I was shocked when I received a phone call from her daughter telling me that my sister was in the hospital. I left everything behind and rushed to Penang to the hospital where she was warded. She stayed at the hospital for four days before she was discharged and I decided to bring her home with me. She was still a little bit weak but I was happy that she was with me. At least, she was not going to be alone since Kak Minah, my housekeeper would be around and I could always keep an eye on her. She was always complaining of having stomachache and constipation so I took her to the hospital where she was given some medication. The medication did not work and I took her again to the hospital and this time, the hospital told me it could be appendicitis. She was sent to the General Hospital in Ipoh and we were told that her appendix had ruptured. A surgery was scheduled for her and after the surgery, she was conscious and okay for a couple of days but further tests showed that her acidic level was very high. Further scanning also showed that something was not right and the hospital decided to conduct another surgery. That was the last time we saw her conscious. She was transferred to the HDU and later to ICU and it was there where she was infected by Carbepenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, a type of 'superbug' which is very difficult to treat and resistant to many types of antibiotics. I totally blew my top although I knew that losing my patience and lashing out my anger to others would not solve anything. She was transferred to an Isolation Room where only the doctor and nurses could enter. It was extremely heartbreaking. To see her unconscious and wired and intubated. And not being able to do anything at all. We were totally helpless. Her daughter decided to take a leave from work to be with her mother although her employer was not very happy with what she had decided to do. My sister was in the hospital for one month and it was the first Friday of 2016 when her daughter called me up early that morning telling me that her mother's condition was not very good. I left work and rushed to the hospital with a colleague. Together with us was Kak Minah, my loyal housekeeper who had been taking care of both my mother and sister. My niece and my second youngest brother were at the hospital and after much discussion and contemplation, we decided to allow the hospital to remove the tubes and switch off the machines. It was the most difficult decision that we had to make but one that we had to do. For the first time, we were allowed to be in the Isolation Room and to touch her. We had to wear masks and also special clothing before we could enter the room. All four of us, my niece, my brother, my housekeeper and I were in that small room. We sat down and read from the holy book and from time to time, whispered into my sister's ears. Then, the doctor and nurses came in. They did not even disturb us and went about doing their work switching off the machines that were supporting my sister. It was exactly Friday prayer time and I could hear the call of prayer from the mosque nearby when my sister left us. I decided to have the funeral as soon as possible since all who mattered were already at my house. We took my sister home that evening and she is now laid to rest next to my Mum. Al Fatihah for my dear sweet sister who took all her secrets with her. May Allah forgive all her sins and reward her with 'jannah' for all her patience, sacrifices and heartaches. Amein.