Thursday, December 31, 2009


At the moment, I am still trying to figure out what I'm going to write in this entry. 2009 was an ordinary year for me, just like the previous years. I went through it like I always did (in a daze). I did not expect anything amazing or fantastic to happen in 2009 and true enough, nothing did. People say that life is what you make it and I made 2009 the way I wanted it to be. I'm not saying that we can always be in control of our life (certain things can happen unexpectedly, of course) but we can always steer ourselves in the direction that we want it to be. As usual, I don't have any resolutions for 2010. This doesn't mean that I am afraid to commit myself to any task that might bind me (or make me feel guilty if it's not fulfilled). I am simply a person who doesn't believe in New Year resolutions (I might change my mind tomorrow, you never know). I believe I can make any resolutions anytime I want to and I don't necessarily have to start on January 1. Instead of looking back at my successes and failures on a yearly basis, I'd rather evaluate myself regularly. After all, I am still bound to make mistakes (which happen a lot) or even pick up new bad habits (which happen even more) as the year progresses. Ongoing personal evaluation also allows me to forgive myself (even if others don't) in case I fail to do or achieve something. Well, everyone has his or her personal style and this is mine. As long as we are able to better ourselves from time to time, nobody can say what is right and what is wrong to and for us. Here's to a better 2010 and let's put our best foot forward. Happy 2010!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Any great achievements for me? NO. Any extraordinary happenings? NO. Any exciting changes in my lifestyle? Definitely NO. Everything came and went like the previous years. Am I happy? YES. To some, it can be quite strange how a person can be happy and content when not much has happened to him or her. Yeah but that's me. I'm comfortably cocooned in my life at the moment that I don't think I want anything changed (unless it's for the better). At least, not yet. I'm sure that something is bound to happen sooner and later and I'll be shocked out of my pants when that happens. Till then, I'm going to enjoy the routine that I've created for the past couple of years and if there are going to be any changes, I hope they will be gradual. Some of my friends have commented on my laid-back attitude and I can only agree with them. After all, what is there to argue when everything that they say is true? Still, it doesn't mean that I don't work hard or put in any effort at all. I do but I don't think I'll be increasing the quota for my effort any time soon. Even then, I would say that what I've done is definitely much more than that done by some of my colleagues and friends. So how about that?

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Call me old-fashioned but I'm getting sick of seeing all these superstores cropping up everywhere nowadays. Most of the time, the service is bad, the staff unknowledgeable, the items overpriced and lack quality et cetera et cetera et cetera. The idea of getting everything that you need under one roof used to be a very attractive concept to me but I'm afraid it is no longer so. Sure, everything is much more systematic, the surrounding is more convenient and comfortable, the variety is endless and there are places for the kids and hungry stomachs but it is almost next to impossible for us to get sensible advice and good suggestions from the staff. Mom and pop stores have always been the staple of any small neighbourhood or town. Most of the time you know the owners personally and they know that if their service or merchandise is bad, words will definitely get around. The neighbourhood stores usually become a part of your life once you know how to spend money. As schoolkids, you go there to get your soda or ice-cream (sometimes cigarettes if you have learned to smoke). Your mother sends you there to get something that she needs. You can ask the owner(s) which item is good value for money if you are on a tight budget. You can even knock on the door before opening time and after closing time as long as this doesn't become a habit. In fact, you can get a very personalised service from them without paying extra for it. It is sad to see that more and more of these stores are closing. They simply cannot compete with the superstores in terms of attraction, convenience and choice. Not much can be done to save these mom and pop stores anymore. Most of them have become a part of history and those which are still in existence are barely surviving. I am all for development but seeing familiar and friendly places going out of business or being torn down is absolutely heartbreaking...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I listened to 'Smooth Operator' and 'Your Love Is King' to death after I finished high school, grooved to 'The Sweetest Taboo' and 'Never As Good As The First Time' on the way to my lectures, mellowed to the rhythm and sound of 'Nothing Can Come Between Us' and 'Haunt Me' upon graduation, embraced 'No Ordinary Love' and 'Kiss Of Life' when I got my first real job and found solace in 'By Your Side' and 'King Of Sorrow' during a stormy relationship. Now, Sade, the chanteuse who popularised loop earrings and tightly pulled back hair is back to serenade me with her latest offering. Well, Sade is not just one person but a band actually. Her first single or more appropriately, their first single 'Soldier Of Love' has been released on their official website and unsurprisingly, to great reviews. I definitely do not know much about music but I do know what I like and I like the new song a lot. Some people say that their songs (especially the newer ones) are great to listen to when you are on drugs (or having a slight buzz after a few drinks). I don't know about that either but I can say that most of their songs can be quite addictive and have a tendency to stay a while on your mind long after they have finished playing. Unlike many of today's artistes who have succumbed to commercialism, Sade has remained true to their art and craft. It is quite difficult to put them in one specific genre but it is quite safe to say that their music is not meant for the average listener. The lyrics can be quite ordinary sometimes but they are true and not stupid (unlike most songs we hear nowadays). Sade has always been a classy act and the time is just right to show what class is in a world overflowing with hype and tackiness.