Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I went to visit my father's grave yesterday morning; a pre-Eid ritual that I have been doing for the past few years without fail. The area has been cleared and most of the old rubber trees have been cut, making the whole area look much more spacious and open. Nobody was there when I arrived with my friend, CoCo. We did not even talk much when we were there. I went straight to where my father was laid to rest and CoCo went to his mother's grave which was also nearby. The dried rubber leaves were scattered all over, making the whole burial ground look a little bit untidy. Luckily for me, there was a rake standing against an old rubber tree. I started raking the leaves and collecting the broken twigs which had fallen down. It was a really fine day. The sun was shining brightly and I could feel the gentle breeze blowing. The area surrounding my father's grave looked so much cleaner and tidier after I had completed my task. I also cleared the leaves and grass around the other graves nearby. Some of them looked as if they had not been visited for quite sometime. I wonder if I, too, would not have the time if I lived someplace else. I felt truly blessed I was able to do what I did. Abah, I know that you were there, watching over me as usual. You know how much I'm missing you and no words that can truly express the depth of my emotions. Al-Fatihah, Abah.