Thursday, January 28, 2010


Everyone wants to love and be loved. I know that sounds so unoriginal but that is the truth, isn't it? I would be dishonest if I say I haven't experienced love before but at the moment, I think I am better without (I'm on love sabbatical actually). Once I thought I would be a much more stable person (in all sense of the word) if I let love enter my life. No more late nights, no more hanging out with friends unnecessarily and no more destination unknown. Well, I was wrong and I guess I am still wrong. Love is not a determiner since it is not a causal or decisive factor for anything. On the contrary, it is simply an unstable (and sometimes, irreversible) modifier that can work for or against you. It would be much easier if love is like First Grade Mathematics; simple, workable and functional (some might argue otherwise) but it's not. To me, it is much more similar to a scientific experiment in the lab. God knows what can and will happen if you haven't figured out the correct formula, measurement, timing et cetera et cetera et cetera. Explosion, reversed effects, accidents. You name it and it's possible. Love is a science (some people say it's an art but I'm yet to find out how and why) and through science, fragrances and candies are created but let's not forget that flatulence and decomposition are also scientific in nature. Love is also mathematics since it involves a lot of probabilities and calculations. Love is just a combination of all things beautiful, ugly, fragrant, putrid, positive and negative. At present, I don't think I can all stomach all that and that's the reason I'm putting love on hold. In Mathematics, my love would be equivalent to zero and Science will definitely categorize it as inertia or even vacuum. Well, I was never good at Science anyway and I detested Mathematics like a disease so I figure I will never be good at love. If only love was an art and nothing else, I would definitely be a maestro...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There has been a lot of hearsay on the Internet regarding the remake of 'We Are The World' and I personally don't think that a great song like that can ever be remade. I'm not hating or dissing anyone. I appreciate the effort and I support the worthy cause the project is for (not the project itself though) but I don't think I'll like the new version. 'We Are The World' was and is still special. It was a collaborative effort which involved many great artistes from the 80s although some famous names were also missing from the production. To remake that song would be equivalent to trying to replace your Mama's cooking (I simply can't imagine my Mama's cooking turned into a nouveau fusion cuisine). The song is good in itself and it doesn't need any new interpretation or production. Doing so would only draw comparisons on the vocal ability of the artistes or the music arrangement or the production itself. The focus of the original "We Are The World' was its purpose and lyrical content not the stars who volunteered to participate in it. Another similar effort would only be seen as insincere on the artistes and producer's part. Many will undoubtedly see this effort as another way of capitalising on a classic song and of course, Michael Jackson's demise. Those who are invited to participate but turn the offer down will definitely be labeled as heartless and insensitive. I'm quite sure this production is going to be a hot mess. Nothing can ever surpass the original Woodstock (all efforts have been in vain of course). We can never find another Elvis or the Beatles or Billie Holiday. Similarly, nothing will and can ever replace 'We Are The World'.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


It is strange how most of us feel much more at ease fighting other people's fights. It is as if by championing other people's causes, we will be seen as heroes or at least, someone who finds injustice and inequality totally intolerable and abhorrent. A borderless world does not necessarily mean that one can simply butt in and embrace whatever he or she fancies as a cause to fight for. We usually don't hesitate when it comes to accusing other people as trying to be the World Police or the Region Police or whatever Police there is but do we really notice our own faults when we ourselves poke our heads and stick our noses in someone else's crisis simply to show that their fight is our fight and their cause is our cause. It's easier being an unpaid commentator or a partial accomplice who adds fuel to a fire when one is not in the middle of the warzone itself. There is nothing wrong with picking a side but make sure the choice is right and not influenced by emotions or harbored by any ill feeling. Any fighting quarters will appreciate any support they can garner but we have to be careful which side we are on. Are we willing to be there when the going gets really tough or will we back off when we can't stand the heat anymore or when we know we have chosen the wrong side? Most of the time, we will (I know I will) opt for the second one since not many people are willing to put their asses in the frying pan if they can help it. Our initial involvement might just be an indication of our true nature : a meddler, a gossip monger, a busybody, an opportunist or whatever name that fits. Being sympathetic is good but is that sympathy genuine? If not, look deep into our souls and question our conscience. Don't simply butt in, don't even interfere, don't try to pry or in simple, plain English, mind our own affairs! Fight our own war. Find our own cause. Battle our own demons. Champion our own right. Don't be a meddler but be a true fighter. We don't have to prove to others that we are heroes. We only have to do it to ourselves.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


What did I do during the weekend? I spent hours (yeah, that's right, hours!) in front of the computer trying to make a vector image of myself. I know my work is not as good as that of those who have received professional training but I'm quite proud of myself since I learned everything on my own (the Internet helped a lot actually). I wish I had more time on my hands and more skills plus lots and lots of patience and perseverance so I can explore other possibilities in ICT. Although my line of work is not ICT-related (not directly anyway), I believe that knowledge is still knowledge. I might never use the knowledge in any way whatsoever but it's a good feeling knowing what I have managed to accomplish. So here it is and I hope no graphics pros are going to laugh at it!

p/s I hope my lips are not too red in the picture.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


It seems that I am the only one in my household who is not reproducing (by choice, of course). One of my cats gave birth to her second batch of kittens today. Instinctively, I knew she was about to give birth when she kept coming to me as if to tell me something. Maybe she thought I was a cat midwife! As much as I loved her, giving birth was something that she had to go through alone. I prepared a box lined with newspaper for her and kept her locked in the bathroom. True to my prediction, she gave birth not long after that. Her babies from her first birth are all gone except one and it didn't take long for her to start mating again. Some of my friends have suggested sending her to the clinic so she can be spayed. As tempting as it sounds, I cannot imagine myself doing that and denying her the right of becoming a mother. At the meantime, I guess I have to accept the fact that I am going to be the caretaker of this 'cathouse'. If only the cats were humans, I would have made lots and lots of money!