Wednesday, July 10, 2013


It's the first day of Ramadhan and the weather is simply heavenly (at least, it is where I live). As I left for work this morning, it was drizzling a little bit and I consider that as a blessing coming from Allah the Almighty. It was only yesterday that the weather was scorching hot and suddenly, it took a different turn. This Ramadhan will be just like the previous Ramadhans for me and hopefully, better. I will be doing what I have always done during this holy month. Not much will change except for very few minor and usually unnoticeable positive steps. For the first few days, I will usually be less talkative and understandably, less active too. In fact, I might be looking slightly dazed and lethargic. It's not the absence of food or the drinks that will be responsible for that but it's the cigarettes. The withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe actually but I don't expect anybody to sympathise with me at all. Some might even be glad that I can't have a puff. On a deeper note, I can't express how grateful and thankful I am for all the blessings and good things that have been granted to me. I know there will be a few more unexpected good things which are in store for me. I absolutely can't complain much since I am indeed more fortunate compared to many others out there. Indeed, I am humbled. Just like before, again I am wishing for peace of mind, patience, humility, spiritual enlightenment and insightful wisdom. Let's hope that we will be able to observe this Ramadhan the way it should be.