Friday, August 8, 2008


Sweet, gentle Mimi, one of my cats died yesterday. She was only about seven months old and one of the most gentle cats I have ever known. She had never given me any problems and never made any noise in the house. In fact, she rarely made any sound at all. She would be waiting patiently for food to be given to her and after that would snuggle up to me or my mum. She had a habit of trying to get onto our laps and would start sucking on whatever we were wearing at that time. Her mother had never fed her and I believe this was the reason why she sucked on cloths. I will definitely miss her waiting for me at the door when I reach home from work or her trying to follow me to the weekly night market. She slept either with me or my mum. Although some people might think it is unhygienic, their opinions don't matter to me. She would creep into bed and curled up on our feet. Somehow, I would feel content listening to her purring and feeling the warmth emanating from her body. I buried her behind my friend's house where she joins other cats which have gone before her. I guess it is true when they say that only the good die young and this applies not just to humans but other God's creatures as well. Thank you,Mimi, for sharing a part of your life with me. Goodbye and sleep tight.