Friday, October 10, 2008


I guess it is still not too late for me to wish everyone who knows me to have a happy and blessed Eid. My Hari Raya celebration went as it did the previous years so I guess I had nothing much to complain about. Except for the time constraint I was having preparing for the celebration itself. This year, somehow, my mum decided that it was time that we started making our homemade cookies again. I stopped making cookies a few years ago due to a few reasons but I am not going into details why I did that. And to my surprise, I managed to bake five types of cookies this year (successfully, Thank God). I left the rest of the 'cookie business' to my other siblings whom I knew would be back for the celebrations and as usual, they would come laden with their store-bought cookies and 'kerepek'. So the very not personal and so the very malas! On the first day, we went to the graveyard and I only went to visit one house. I went to see Coco and Nuar whose mother had just passed away a few months before. That night, my first sister came back with her family from Seremban and this time, there are two new family members. Now I have two more 'grandchildren'. (This makes me feel really old!) On the fifth day, FooArt, one of my dearest friends, had an open house at this salon for his customers and friends. They later congregated at my house for a late night snack and that was that. I believe most of us must have had a wonderful time during the Raya holidays. It gave us a break from our usual hectic life and I hope it has given us an insight on what is important and precious in our life. So again, have a Happy Eid and enjoy the rest of Syawal.