Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I lost my cell phone yesterday and I'm really mad as hell. I can always get a new cellie but I hate losing all the numbers stored in it. I have a feeling who took it but I'm not the type to accuse anybody of doing anything without proof. The weird thing is it was only a day before that when a good friend of mine told me that his house was broken into. He was away at that time attending a wedding in his hometown so his place was left unattended. Not much was taken from his place but knowing that a stranger had access to his place when he was not around is enough to give him the creeps. A few weeks ago, an elderly neighbour of mine was taken for a ride around town before she was stripped off of her jewelry and belongings. She was later dropped off near a fast food restaurant still in a daze. As modern as I am, I believe there must be black magic involved in this. The crime rate is rising at a very alarming rate and I hate to think it is no longer safe for us to walk the street like we used to.