Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am not referring to anyone in particular but to the real leeches of course. If you feel that I'm talking about you, then there must be a reason why you feel that way. Anyway, leeches are from the family of blood-suckers (I'm not being scientific here as you can see) and can usually be found in damp, wet and dark areas (hmmm...). Actually, all leeches feed on blood but most of them survive on small invertebrates. Still, their favourite food I guess is blood. A friend of mine who kept a few leeches let one stay on my foot the other day and that blood-sucker stayed for hours enjoying my blood. It refused to budge even when I tried to push it away with my finger. I was afraid to pull it off my foot so there it stayed until it had had its fill. That greedy bastard stayed for more than two hours on my foot. Can you believe that? People stay that leeches only suck dirty blood and it will come off in about thirty minutes. Still, I don't understand why it did not want to come off my skin. Maybe it was having a difficult time trying to extract the blood from my veins. Well, I prefer to think that I don't have dirty blood. I have often wondered what would happen if a person is smothered with lots and lots of hungry leeches. I guess my question will never be answered unless someone is willing to be the guinea pig for my blood-thirsty experiment. Any takers?