Thursday, December 31, 2009


At the moment, I am still trying to figure out what I'm going to write in this entry. 2009 was an ordinary year for me, just like the previous years. I went through it like I always did (in a daze). I did not expect anything amazing or fantastic to happen in 2009 and true enough, nothing did. People say that life is what you make it and I made 2009 the way I wanted it to be. I'm not saying that we can always be in control of our life (certain things can happen unexpectedly, of course) but we can always steer ourselves in the direction that we want it to be. As usual, I don't have any resolutions for 2010. This doesn't mean that I am afraid to commit myself to any task that might bind me (or make me feel guilty if it's not fulfilled). I am simply a person who doesn't believe in New Year resolutions (I might change my mind tomorrow, you never know). I believe I can make any resolutions anytime I want to and I don't necessarily have to start on January 1. Instead of looking back at my successes and failures on a yearly basis, I'd rather evaluate myself regularly. After all, I am still bound to make mistakes (which happen a lot) or even pick up new bad habits (which happen even more) as the year progresses. Ongoing personal evaluation also allows me to forgive myself (even if others don't) in case I fail to do or achieve something. Well, everyone has his or her personal style and this is mine. As long as we are able to better ourselves from time to time, nobody can say what is right and what is wrong to and for us. Here's to a better 2010 and let's put our best foot forward. Happy 2010!