Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A word or phrase used for our loved ones. That's what terms of endearment are. We use them to address a person we love and there is no telling how many of these words and phrases are. We use them in public and sometimes, we use them in private. Most of them are shared and a few are exclusive. Whatever language they are in, these words and phrases make us feel closer and more intimate to each other. The bonding and intimacy that these words and phrases provide goes far beyond their literal meanings. Certain terms are only used by certain race and culture. To use them outside the race and culture would make them sound awkward and not genuine. Some might even sound vulgar. Certain races and cultures also seem more affectionate and creative than others and have come up with very interesting terms of endearment. Quite prominent and outstanding are the African Americans who are quite creative when it comes to terms of endearment. Here is a list of them in different languages that can be used to express our feelings to our loved ones. Forgive me if they are inaccurate, my dears...

ENGLISH - angel, baby, darling, sweetie, sweetheart, tiger, muffin, peach, princess, pumpkin, boo, honey

MALAY - sayang, intan payung, bujang, buyung, adik, abang, kanda, dinda

ARABIC - hayati, habibi

FRENCH - mon cher, ma chere, cherie, mom coeur, mon loup, mon mimi, ma poulette

CHINESE - bǎo bǎo, qīn ài de nǐ, xiao ke ai

TAMIL - kunju, raasa, raasathy