Monday, February 15, 2010


True to my prediction, 'We Are The World 2010' is simply not good (that is to put it mildly). I couldn't feel the song at all and the video is simply unbearable. The only parts I like are MJ's original and Pink's. The rest of the production is mostly crap (just like the rap) and most importantly, some of the artistes definitely did not get into the song (they were more into themselves and each other I think). There's too much wailing which detracts the song from its main purpose and subject matter. The unnecessary and excessive use of Autotune also works wonders to disguise the artistes' inability to feel and embrace the song (which consequently turns me off). The artistes only provided their voices but they obviously did not lend their souls. I would be happy to buy a new remastered copy of the original 'We Are The World' but I wouldn't do the same for this new version.