Sunday, May 16, 2010


I finally got the box set to commemorate Sheila Majid's 25th year in the music industry (a little late but what do you expect when you live in a small town like mine?). Her debut album 'Dimensi Baru' is finally available in CD form, much to the delight of her loyal fans. When that album was first released, it was considered as a breakthrough in the local music industry since it brought with it new sounds and new concepts. The songs in that album were different from the other types of music which were dominating the local music scene then. The songs had a slight jazzy and R&B arrangements to them and they soon caught the attention of the more 'urban' crowd. I never did buy the first album but the first Malay CD that I bought was her second album 'Emosi' (I think it's her best album ever) and I love almost every song in that album. 'Sinaran' (one of the songs from the album) is a favourite for a lot of people and has become almost a signature song for Sheila. Unlike a lot of people, my personal favourite (until now, of course) is 'Di Dalam Emosi Ini'. 'Sinaran' somehow doesn't get me the way 'Di Dalam Emosi Ini' does. The box set is definitely a must for all Sheila's fans. At RM 99.00, I consider it a steal but nothing can beat the original CDs. The graphics on the CD covers are not as sharp as the originals and even the colours are a little bit off. But I shouldn't be complaining too much, should I?

I wish I had collected more of her music. These are the only ones that I have. Pathetic compared to what some other people have.