Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Channel V is no longer aired on Malaysian Astro and has been replaced by FOX. So how do I feel? Pissed off definitely. Why can't they have both Channel V and FOX? I don't really watch MTV since most of the time I can't relate to the current music trends and the reality shows (Yes, I am old and don't want to change). Channel V is (was) absolutely not as trendy and hip as MTV but it has (had) its own style and audience. I could watch the video clips and listen to the music without feeling that I was involuntarily trapped in a discotheque or a rave party or worse, a teenager's boudoir. MTV is no longer what it used to be. There was a time when MTV showed video clips of different genres 24/7 but those were the good old days. They are gone and they will never come back. Granted, some of the programmes on MTV can be quite interesting but most of the time, MTV is just another profit-oriented channel showcasing bratty and spoiled rich kids and their superficial friends (I can't stand My Super Sweet 16 and My New BFF). I have nothing against MTV and if that is what their format layout is going to be, so be it. Anyway, let's get back to Astro's decison to scrap Channel V of its channel list. I know that Channel V has never aired anything except 'pop' video clips in the first place but most of the time, these video clips could cater to the average person. Now that is no longer available, where can the average person find 'pop' entertainment without resorting to MTV or Astro Hits (which is the pits)?

p/s Dire Straits (or Sting rather) sings 'I want my MTV' in the first line of the song 'Money For Nothing' which is about music from the point of view of a common person (very much like me). Now a plea to Astro, I am obviously in a dire strait and 'I want my Channel V'.