Sunday, January 30, 2011


Another ex-classmate passed away yesterday. After leaving school more than 25 years ago, I only know the whereabouts of my schoolmates through a few close friends and it was through one of them that I got to know about his passing. I was at work when I received the sad news. He was a very nice person who was soft-spoken and always smiling. Looking back at the old picture below, a deep rush of nostalgia suddenly swept through my heart. How innocent and carefree we were back then. And so full of hope of life ahead. There he was in the picture. The first person in the middle row from left. I wish time could stand still for a while so I could once again relish in the joy of youth. Kamal Bahrin, you will be missed. Al Fatihah.

Top row (l-r) : Qisti, Anbalagan, Lutfi, Shamsul Amir, Amir Azman, Shamsul Fadzali, Allahyarham Rosidi, Aminuddin, Nafzal, Khir.
Middle row (l-r) : Alzafri, Azlan, Allahyarham Kamal Bahrin, Roslan, Razman, Darul Hisham.
Bottom row (l-r) : Meor Jamaluddin, Badrul, Nasrat, Zainol Fikri, Rahman, Tarmizi, Hamdan, Syed Hazman.