Monday, June 6, 2011


I know the title sounds a little bit dirty but there is not much to it actually. I've been playing Mafia Wars on facebook for quite a while now and a few weeks ago, I thought maybe I could expand my Mafia family. I was feeling a bit too ambitious and I did what most players would do in order to get active and powerful Mafia members easily and quickly. I did a bit of searching here and there and contacted a few high-level players to be in their family. Little did I know that most of these big boys and girls were already in warring clans. There are hundreds of these clans and some of them can be pretty obsessed and vicious when it comes to playing this game. I really put my little Mafia ass in trouble since I could easily be detected by other players as well. What started as a game that I played for fun with some good friends turned into a nightmare. I was attacked and robbed left and right 24/7 by these warring clans. They definitely are a ruthless lot and most of them are automated players. Well, there was nothing I could do except to lie low for a while and wait until everything is back to normal. The attacks are a lot less now and I am able to resume my game peacefully. The moral of the story is never try to get into the big league if you're still a greenhorn. You still have a long way to go and there is still a lot more that you have to learn. And I have definitely learned my lesson.