Saturday, July 2, 2011


I've seen a few monuments and memorials erected which somehow do not seem to convey any meaning to me. Instead of enhancing the landscape and appearance of a certain place, some of these structures can be considered as monstrosities not worthy of construction in the first place. Why was going on in the minds of the undertakers when they were doing the projects? Did they take into consideration the overall look and effect these 'uglies' would have on people and the surroundings? Certain structures are even overshadowed by other constructions around them, making them totally insignificant and totally 'blah'. Impending suicide, I'd say. What is the point of building a monument or memorial if it doesn't serve any purpose at all? Talking about these 'uglies', I have seen many replicas of certain objects erected right smack in many town centres in Malaysia. I'm sure most of us have seen these gigantic durians, pineapples, mangosteens, wildlife, marine life and myriad others in the middle of a busy intersection somewhere. Totally distracting and totally cartoon-like sometimes! I wouldn't mind so much if these replicas are placed near the entrance of a farm, orchard, amusement park or anything of that sort but not in the middle of a town. I'm sure we can place these 'giants' somewhere else. Definitely somewhere that is more touristy. Some might argue that these structures are points of interest and serve as landmarks for certain localities but I'm sure we can find something that is much, much more attractive and appropriate than a giant durian or a giant squid. What say you?