Monday, August 1, 2011


I wrote about 'furoshikis' in this blog a while back and now, it is almost like a trend to be seen with a reusable shopping bag when one goes out in public. Being the 'fashionista' that I am, (yeah, right) I, too, equip myself with a few of these eye-catching bags which I either bought or got for free. Most of the time, you can catch me carrying my tattered and almost worn-out 'Tesco' green bag on Friday evenings when I go to the 'pasar malam' near my housing area to get my weekly supply of vegetables, fruits and other sundry items. I am yet to see another man in my neighbourhood carrying these reusable shopping bags in public but that is to be expected since how many men are confident enough to carry a bag which resembles a very big handbag? Not many, of course. I think it is kind of 'cool' and 'stylish' to be totting these bags around (especially for the ladies). Some of the bags are quite attractive and interesting in terms of materials and colours used. Some can even be folded and tucked away neatly inside your purse or pocket. I have also noticed a few of my female colleagues using these bags when they come for work. I think that the use of these types of bags should be given more exposure, promotion and encouragement. Plastic and paper bags are completely a thing of the past. Those who are still using them to carry their stuff should be spanked on the buttocks (hard) for committing such a (fashion) crime. There is also nothing wrong if you want to give your shopping bags your own personal unique touch. Just make sure that the materials used to decorate your bags are also reusable and recyclable. A small ribbon, a few patches of unused fabric or some big colourful buttons can add a lot of style and personality to your otherwise ordinary, boring-looking shopping bags. When strutting your reusable bags, make sure the bags are clean and odourless. Otherwise, instead of portraying the 'fashionista' look that you desire, you might end up looking like a character who scavenges the neighbourhood dump.

This is the ideal 'Green Bag' Look that you should strive for

and this is the 'Bag Lady' Look which should be avoided at all costs