Friday, November 18, 2011


The world's problems are not equivalent to the petty quibbles that we usually have at home. When Benetton suggests in their latest advertising campaign that political and world leaders literally (or is it figuratively?) kiss and make up, it is IMO such a stupid thing to do. On the contrary, it might only fuel more animosity and resentment among us. I won't soil my blog by putting up the images from the campaign. There is nothing artistic about them especially when those images have been manipulated and tampered with. I cannot imagine having my own photos photoshopped and put up for all to see without my consent. I don't understand why Benetton had to come up with those pictures. Weren't there any sensible people working in the ad and marketing department anymore? The company used to come up with colourful images depicting people of different races, ethnic groups and walks of life wearing their clothing. Those images are beautiful, colourful, pleasing, non-controversial and non-political (some contain nudity, of course). There is nothing (too) provocative or disrespectful about them and yet the message is clear. Benetton has clearly crossed the line this time and instead of promoting UNHATE, they have only managed to show how UNCOUTH they can be.

p/s Don't you simply love these colourful and happy images?