Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I used to love window shopping very much and up until now, I still enjoy going from shop to shop during my free time. There is something about being in a shop and browsing through the shelves or racks displaying the goods that excites me (it's like having a sugar rush!). Unfortunately and sadly, that feeling is slowly diminishing due to certain incidents that I have recently experienced. FYI, I usually don't like to make rushed decisions and when I decide to buy something I really like, I will usually ask a lot of questions and scrutinise the goods until I am totally satisfied. After all, I am going to spend a certain amount of money on something that I will probably keep forever. The problem is quite a number of shopkeepers and salespeople (especially the younger ones) whom I've met lately are not what I expect them to be. Some of them are downright rude and arrogant. Others act as if providing services to customers and giving explanations to them is a big favour they bestow on whomever they fancy and definitely not part of their responsibilities. Situations like these definitely make me want to pull a 'Julia Roberts' in that unforgettable 'Pretty Woman' shopping scene. After she was snubbed by two snotty saleswomen working in a posh boutique, she went back there later to tell them how much commission they had lost simply because they did not want to wait on her. That will teach anyone that all customers should be treated equally and respectfully. I have seen a few businesses in my hometown crumble due to lack of courtesy and proper service. When I walk into a shop, I don't expect to be treated like royalty (it wouldn't hurt me one bit if I were given such treatment though). I don't demand red carpet service and I don't require 24-hour assistance. I want to be treated like a potential customer who will be parting with his hard-earned cash to feed the proprietor, his family, his staff and his pets. More importantly, I want to be treated like a human being. Not like a doormat. Is that too much to ask? A good friend of mine will undoubtedly make a scene if he is given such a shoddy service. There have been a few times when he raised his voice so other customers and passers-by would hear him. He would start asking for the manager or the owner of the business before giving him an earful on good business management and employee training. There have also been a few occasions when he asked the salesperson to ring up his bill and decided not to buy anything at all at the last minute. I don't always believe in fighting fire with fire (sometimes I will). It's risky and in one way, childish. It doesn't bring a lot of good to anyone except temporary satisfaction and superficial victory. Besides, being nasty to snobbish people will only drag me to to their level and I certainly do not want to stoop that low. I sincerely hope that one day they will realise that they have done a great disservice not only to others but also themselves.

p/s It can be very tempting at times to give this type of people a dose of their own medicine since I know I can outbitch almost anyone and be more obnoxious than the most obnoxious. Just don't let me get started, okay?