Monday, January 23, 2012


Finally, the CDs that I've been waiting for are here. I found out that the music shop from which I ordered the CDs had lost my phone number and that was why they never called me to inform me that the CDs had arrived. Well, it was worth the long wait (more than two months actually). Kak Pah's pictures on the CDs covers are truly 'divalicious' and classy; befitting her status as a 'biduanita'. I won't say anything about the song selection but I'm really happy to hear certain songs that I haven't heard in such a long time. They truly took me back to another place and time when life was much simpler and less complicated. Unlike Kak Pah's other compilations, one can tell that these CDs are special. All the 10 CDs were priced at RM 89.90 and to me, that was super duper dirt cheap. Where else can you get a nice compilation like that at such price? A few online sites that I've checked are selling them at a much higher price and that doesn't even include the postage. To all Kak Pah's fans, go out and buy these CDs. You know you want them!