Sunday, August 26, 2012


Kak Pah's concert which was aired by RTM really made my night. Actually, I had forgotten all about it (causing me to miss the first part of the show). Fortunately, I saw a post by one of my cousins while I was checking my facebook. I quickly switched on the television and there she was; Malaysia's First Lady of Music. The whole concert to me exuded class and sophistication. Admittedly, Kak Pah can never sing like she used to but she definitely radiates an aura of elegance and grace. The set for the concert was adequately and stylishly decorated with giant portraits of her, a crystal chandelier and a few other simple accessories. Nothing that was too ostentatious and flashy. The focus during the concert was Kak Pah herself and I'm glad there were no unnecessary back-up dancers to crowd the stage except for the fantastic orchestra. For those who missed her exclusive appearance on RTM, here is the link where you can watch a live streaming of the concert :

This picture is taken from her official facebook and FYI, she has been quite active on facebook lately. She has been posting news about her and her family almost on a daily basis.