Monday, January 5, 2015


One of my 'adopted siblings', Shi, came back a few weeks ago for his cousin's wedding. He usually stayed either at CoCo's place or mine whenever he came back and not at his late grandfather's house. It was almost 12 midnight and I was, as usual, in front of my lappy ; downloading movies and doing nothing in particular. Suddenly, I received a text from him asking me where I was and telling me that he was in front of my house. I replied his text jokingly since he was always telling us that he was in front of my house when he was actually not. About 10 minutes later, I heard some rustlings in front of my house. I went to look out the window and there he was, sitting outside trying to muffle his giggles. I muttered a few curse words and he only laughed at me since he managed to pulled the terrible trick on me. He had with him his knapsack and a big package which I assumed was the wedding gift for his cousin. Apparently, he had taken the night train from KL and had left his car. He said his sister would be driving his mother and father on the morning of the wedding.We went to the kitchen to have something to drink before going to bed. On the day of the wedding, he left at about 11.00 o'clock in the morning and told me that he would be back late. On his way out, I reminded him to take the wedding gift but he said that he would give it to his cousin later after the wedding. My Mum and I did not go to the wedding although we were personally invited. My Mum was still feeling a little bit tired from her dialysis the previous day and I did not feel like leaving her alone at home. CoCo had gone to do the make-up for one of his clients who was also having her wedding on the same day. It was late in the evening when Shi came back. His family had gathered at his late grandfather's house where they had prepared 'laksa'. He brought some for us and that was what we had for dinner that night. We only stayed home the next day and Shi's mother came to visit us. On Monday, after I sent my Mum to the dialysis centre, CoCo came to fetch him so he could go back to his late grandfather's house before going back to KL. Before he left, I once again reminded Shi about the wedding gift that was still in my room. He said that his cousin would be coming to get the gift later since he had to rush to get his mother and sister. After CoCo and Shi left, I went to get my Mum from the dialysis centre. It was quite late in the evening when CoCo called me up to ask me whether I had read Shi's latest post on facebook. I was totally surprised when I found out that the wedding gift was actually my birthday present. I did not even open the present until later in front of CoCo and my Mum. I opened the box carefully and there it was. The turntable that I had been wanting for so long was right in front of my eyes. Thank you, Shi for the lovely present. I love it very much but you know that I love you more!   

My Numark turntable and some of my favourite 7" singles.

The turntable and a few of my 12" singles.