Friday, February 27, 2015


I rarely make any long trips anymore due to my Mum's thrice-weekly dialysis treatment and whatever trips that we make will have to revolve around her schedule. I never got to take my Mum anywhere during the end of the year school holidays last year so I figured that a short weekend trip would be good for her. At the same time, I also needed a break. FYI, I haven't had any proper holiday for the past twelve years. Pathetic, I know but there are priorities that I have to consider and going for holidays and leaving my Mum is not one of them. I always welcome any short trip or even an outing since it is the only time I can exhale and let off steam. If other people go to exotic and faraway places for their holiday, I can be content with either going out for a nice meal or window-shopping. It doesn't take much to satisfy me, does it? So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to take my Mum to my youngest brother's place in Puncak Alam. I had to rearrange my Mum's dialysis schedule since I wanted her to have a good rest before the journey. Most dialysis patients will feel extremely tired after their treatment so a few hours of sleep and rest would help her to regain her strength. We left quite late and had to ask my brother to come and meet us at one of the rest stops since I didn't quite remember the way to his house. We stopped to have our dinner at a Thai restaurant before we made it to his house. We spent the next day at home and only went out for meals. The weather was quite hot and I did not feel like taking my Mum out under such condition. My Mum was really happy to be able to visit her son and daughter-in-law. Usually, she has to wait for them to come back before she gets to see them. Too bad, we could not stay for long at my brother's place. We only stayed for the weekend and then it was back home again. I had to go back to work and my Mum had to have a good rest before her dialysis treatment on Monday. Still, it was a good short trip for me and for my Mum especially.

My Mum in the living room. All dressed up before going out for lunch.