Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It's the durian season now (at least in Perak where I'm staying) and you can get a whiff of its smell almost everywhere you go. My brothers came back for the weekend last week and we had a wonderful feast of cucur durian, santan durian, fresh durian and everything durian. I am not so keen on fresh durian as I prefer to have it prepared either with cooked or fresh santan and eaten with pulut. I also went to the wet market to get my supply of tempoyak from this makcik who owned a stall selling bananas and other kampung produce. She is the only one whom I trust for my tempoyak. I guess by the end of this week my weight will have gone up a few kilos. One thing for sure is I will be burping my durian breath which can be quite hazardous to those who are not prepared. Burp! Excuse me (in a very sweet voice, nevertheless).