Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was going through some of the stuff that I have been keeping for years at the back of my closet when I came across these friendship bracelets. I used to make a whole bunch of them and give them to close friends or people whom I cared for (yes, I was a semi-hippie back then). These friendship bracelets came from a time when life was much simpler and not as complicated as today. Their association with friendship, honesty and simplicity was what first attracted me to learn how make them. Undoubtedly, times have changed and it is hard for us to find people who can appreciate something as simple as a bracelet made from strings. Now, we tend to spend a fortune on gifts for friends, colleagues and family members. I am not against buying expensive gifts if one can afford them but most of the time, the art of giving has lost its meaning. It's even rarer to find home-made gifts and cards anymore. Almost everything is mass-produced, commercialised and unnecessarily over-rated. With time, I, too, have lost my innocence and tend to see only the face-value of things. I sometimes wonder if it is possible to retain our innocence and yet be mature at the same time.