Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wow! Ramadhan is over and I managed not to write anything during the fasting month (except for the sole entry on Whitney Houston's album). It was intentional actually. I did not want to write about anything that might seem petty and unimportant during the holy month since I knew there were many other issues that were far more important and significant that needed to be addressed and resolved (I was lazy actually). Most of us would have been ranting about Raya shopping, cookies, holiday destination et cetera et cetera et cetera (so superficial). To me, what is important is the essence of the celebration itself and not the garnishings that come with it. It did not mean that I was not excited. I was but not to the extend that I would go Eid-crazy or worse, ape-crazy. I went to the Ramadhan food bazaar just once to buy some dates and that was that. My trip there did not repeat itself since I knew the food bought there would eventually end up in the trash can. Buying food when your stomach is empty is definitely not a good idea and I did not want to be tempted into buying food that I would not eat. I celebrated Eid quite simply this year. I did make a few types of cookies and I did do some shopping for the house but I did not go all out as I did previously. No longer did I get easily excited over the unnecessary traditional Eid preparations. I welcomed Eid this year far more calmly and with less pressure. Unlike a lot of other people, I did not have to rush to return to my hometown and that gave me a lot of space to breathe. My mother's place is where all my siblings would congregate so a couple of days before Eid, I went to the market to make sure that the fridge was well-stocked with food. I bought enough food to last for a week and on the eve of Eid, I went to bed early after slaving over the stove in the kitchen with my siblings. I woke up early on the next day feeling fresh and my Eid was as wonderful as I had anticipated it to be. Happy Eid, everyone and may peace be upon you.