Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know I'm bad and I deserve a spanking on the butt but I couldn't help myself. So please spare my tender behind. I confess that I downloaded the whole Whitney Houston's I Look To You album before it even hits the American music stores next week. I really, really couldn't help myself and I couldn't wait that long since I don't know how long before it will officially be available here. I did download five songs and snippets of her songs a week earlier but that was just not enough. I wanted the whole thing and I wanted to be one of the first people to be able to listen to the whole album. My conscience did pay me a visit but I turned him away saying that his visit was untimely. Finally, I did the unspeakable deed. So what is the verdict? Well, the album is worth the long wait. I love all the songs. I love her new voice and I love how she uses it in many different ways. In fact, her voice is on fire and the album will be burning the sales and airplay charts. I have been playing the songs non-stop since last night. That's how crazy I am. I know I should be ashamed of myself but I do not regret my action at all. After all, 'there are worse things I can do' (borrowing the lyrics from 'Grease') and I know I will buy the cd later on. I hope the Malaysian special edition will have extra remixes and videos. That will really make my day. My favourites are I Got You, A Song For You, Salute, the new version of Like I Never Left, For The Lovers and Call You Tonight but I'm sure the others will grow on me too in time. 6 out of 11 is not really that bad. Actually, it is very, very good.