Thursday, March 18, 2010


I don't understand why some people can be so bitchy and nasty. It seems as if they are unhappy with certain aspects of their lives and they have to take it on others by giving what they consider as smart remarks and comments. Recently, I received a text message from a certain somebody who took it upon himself (yes, it's a HE not a SHE) to comment on an issue that clearly had nothing to do with him but definitely had a lot to do with me. The comment came at a very inappropriate time and of course, I was deeply offended. It was also uncalled for and tasteless. Maybe he felt that he had to give his two cents regarding the issue but why gave it to me? He definitely couldn't be suffering from pre/while/post menstrual syndrome since he is biologically male. Some people may wonder if a man can be a bitch and I am here to testify that many men can be bigger bitches than women. To me, he is not even an asshole. He is simply a bitch. B.I.T.C.H. (all letters in capital, please). He knew my stand regarding the issue and by doing that, he was actually showing disrespect towards me and my stand. Couldn't he just respect my stand and let it be? We can be friends and still not agree on every matter but clever conversations don't necessarily start that way. After all, there are millions of other casual conversational topics under the sun which can be discussed without aggravating anybody. Well, it takes two to bitch and I can be a bigger bitch if I want to and when I want to (I'm a closet bitch by the way). Usually, I would keep quiet and act like a good schoolboy but not this time (this is not the first time I have received such comments and remarks from him). I won't even try to give my two cents to him since I don't think he can fathom any intelligent notions at all and I don't want to keep repeating them (I guess that will also make him a dumb bitch). This time, I'm going to act like a total bitch by giving it to him like the uneducated , unsophisticated and tactless person that he is. So this entry is for him and the award below is just right for a bitch like him.

At the rate he is going, I'm certain he will be eligible for the title below too!

And he can drink from the mug (comes free with the certificate) that will nourish him with more dumb bitchiness!

If that is still not enough, he can join the club below and I will willingly pay the membership fee (provided he wears the club's t-shirt every time he hangs out with friends)

And before long, he'll be just like the picture below, an ugly Bitch Witch.