Thursday, April 1, 2010


I had always thought that I was quite sophisticated, worldly and street-wise until one of my friends told me recently that I could pass for a nerd. What! His statement really shocked me and I could not believe my ears. He pointed out my lack of interest in sports and outdoor activities to support his opinion. He also told me that I had no sense of fashion and my wardrobe was totally blah. I have a one-track mind and can be quite obsessed with certain things that interest me. Hmmm, he has a point (a few actually) there but does that mean that I qualify as one? I have to admit that I am not a jock and I prefer to stay indoors rather than sweat myself out doing physical activities. I also have to admit that I am no longer the social type and I prefer to indulge myself in solitary activities. But does that make me a nerd? Well, I don't really look like a nerd and I don't really go for anything that is considered intellectual or academic in nature. Yes, I love to argue with my friends but most of the time, my ideas and opinions are baseless and do not carry any merits. So how can I be considered a nerd? I am quite adept socially (when I choose to) and I am not really that weird-looking. I am not into the latest fashion and style since I don't want to be a fashion victim (I was when I was younger and I no longer want to go down that street). I simply choose to be alone at times since I can't stand noise and crowds anymore (age factor, I guess). I don't like to participate in so-called 'popular' activities since they are simply more of a fad than anything. I like to focus on one thing at a time because I want to prioritise. But does that make me a nerd? To a certain extent, maybe I am but nerds always think that they are cool and never realise that they are nerds...

p/s I found this on the Net (I think it's just brilliant) and it definitely makes me feel better!