Sunday, October 10, 2010


I love boots especially ankle boots. In fact, I love most boots as long as they are not too bulky or make me look as if I belong to the construction site or the fish market. I even own an old pair of Capezio cowboy boots which are considered as 80s vintage nowadays. I also have a pair of tan soft-soled moccasins which enable me to feel the ground when I walk in them. These skull buckle boots were on sale on the Internet and they reminded me of my old pair of boots that I kept somewhere in the the back of my closet. Just for old time's sake, I decided to try them on once again and to see if they would still fit. Well, it's quite difficult to outgrow some of your foot fetish and I can safely say that they still look fine after all these years (it's been almost 25 years since I first had them). I even felt like kicking some butt when I was wearing them. I don't really fancy the first pair in the picture below since they remind me of riding boots and the skull buckles are not 'tough' enough for me. In fact, the buckles look like little brooches to me. The second pair is quite okay but again, the buckles are similar to those in the first pair. The third pair looks much more contemporary and I don't really mind wearing them to work if I have them (unfortunately, I don't). I also love the heel and the pointed toe. The zippers give them a sophisticated touch and the sheen is just perfect.

My old punk boots on the other hand came from a different era (last century actually). The heels are not that high and the soles are quite flat. The best features are the buckles of course. I loved these boots back then and I still love them now. Unfortunately, I don't think they fit with my workplace environment and current lifestyle so I'm going to send them back to where they were before. I believe their walking days with me are now over. One of these days, I'm sure they are going to find a new owner (one of my nephews maybe?) who is fascinated with them the way I was with them more than 25 years ago.