Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I am a late bloomer when it comes to blogging and when I finally got to it, blogging was no longer all the rage. In fact, it is now considered as passé. So why am I still blogging? Why am I still holding on to something that is almost outmoded and outdated? Why can't I simply use Twitter or facebook? Nobody reads my blog anyway so why don't I just quit? The reason is simple. I am not the type of person who can give my opinion in fifteen words or less. I am not good at summarising my thoughts and ideas. I love lengthy detailed sentences. I am of the older generation and I will never be the always-on-the-go type which usually typifies the younger generation. Blogging enables me to touch on a topic or a subject at a deeper level (there's nothing deep about the things I write actually but I like to think that I put some thought into them before they are published). I have lost my spontaneity (which I doubt I will ever regain) and that's why I prefer to voice my feelings in my blog instead of putting them out for the whole world to see on facebook or Twitter. I know a few friends who have put their blogging to rest and a few others who are taking an indefinite hiatus. Blogging can be quite frustrating if you know that nobody is reading your blog but I have always considered my blog as a diary in which I can jot down anything I like about the happenings in my life (which do not amount to much actually). Of course, I don't write about very personal things. Certain things are better kept to oneself and I am not ready (I guess I'll never be) to share that part with the rest of the world yet. Blogging can be quite time-consuming and a lot of times, you run out of ideas. Not everyone is born to be a writer and not many can keep their creative juices flowing . That is why many bloggers choose to limit their subject matter and focus on one specific area. At the same time, there are many unique blogs which have attracted loyal followers from all over the world. These bloggers have created inimitable identities and styles for their blogs. They have readers who give them constructive comments and sometimes, even financial support to keep on blogging. At the moment, I am not even sure how long I will keep on putting my thoughts in this blog. I hope it will not suffer an untimely death since I intend to bore (to death) anybody who comes for a visit. I'm sure one of these days, this blog is going to die but I do hope it is not going to happen soon.