Sunday, October 30, 2011


I'm glad that a few of Sharifah Aini's old albums have been released in CD form. Hmmn, I wonder if there is any possibility of EMI coming up with a box set containing all her albums (EPs, LPs, soundtracks, collaborations, compilations et cetera, et cetera, et cetera). After all, she has remained loyal to the same recording company throughout her illustrious career which spans more than four decades (and we are still counting). Without a doubt, she is a living legend and a national treasure. Not only is she an extraordinary singer but also an award-winning actress and a productive lyricist. She has been in the industry longer than Sheila Majid and Francissca Peter have and yet, the latter have their own box sets. Like any other singers, she also has her own legion of loyal fans who are more than willing to buy her box set. She deserves to have her own box set and I'm pretty sure that many of her loyal fans will agree with me. Everybody knows that EMI Malaysia is no longer active but I think EMI Music Publishing Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. still keeps an office here. I'm sure they can do something about it, right? It will be such a waste if her complete music catalogue is not published for the public to treasure and appreciate.