Saturday, May 12, 2012


I can't really expressed how truly blessed I am to have the opportunity to live with my mother. I am almost middle-age and yet living with her is something that I will not trade with anything else. There are only two of us in the house and it has been that way since my father passed away seven years ago. My mother loves good company and enjoys talking with my friends who sometimes drop by without any notice at all. She likes to read and usually will tell me what she has read if she thinks it is something that I should know. My second youngest brother comes back every two or three days to check on her and my eldest brother will call her at least once every day. I also have very nice neighbours and I have regarded some of them as my own family. We keep five cats at home and one of them sleeps with her every single night. My mother goes for her dialysis three times a week and when I am at work, there is a neighbourhood lady who accompanies her and does some light house chores. My mother doesn't cook or sew anymore. Though I miss her cooking very much, I believe it is for the best. At her age, I want her to enjoy her time doing what she wants without putting any stress at all on her health and emotions. She can't even travel far anymore and for that reason, I always welcome anyone who comes over to our house with open arms. For the same reason too, both of us won't be able to attend my nephew's wedding which will take place next month. I have already explained the situation to my sister and I do hope that she truly understands. I wish I could still do a lot of things together with my mother but at the moment, her health is my number one priority. Because of that, I rarely go out anymore and even if I have to, I will make sure that she won't be left alone at home for too long. There are also so many things I wish for my mother but first and foremost, I wish for Allah's blessings to be bestowed upon her. Happy Mother's Day, mak!

p/s Honouring mothers is something that is greatly emphasised in Islam and despite the different 'fatwas' regarding Mother's Day celebration, I believe many people only have good intentions when it comes to showing their love, appreciation and respect to their mothers.