Sunday, June 17, 2012


FooArt, one of my homies, got married yesterday after Zuhr prayer at the Sungai Lesong Mosque. These pictures were taken the night before the 'akad nikah'. The wedding recepton will be held later next week.

FooArt's mum (in red and white) and my mum (in grey) having a very late dinner at Man and Ida's house.

Mira and Coco in their best 'beached whale' poses. Mira's baby, Iman, was clearly fast asleep and oblivious to what was going on around him.

Kak Teh, FooArt's sister putting the pounded henna leaves on his fingers while the others waited for their turns.

My mum, Ida's mother, Kak Teh, FooArt and FooArt's mum. The back of Coco's head also makes its appearance in this picture.

That's me fixing the pounded henna leaves on my mum's fingers.

Ida (the hostess), Shaun, Ady and Man in the background.