Saturday, June 9, 2012


These are 4 superstars who have left their indelible footprints in the local music world. Sheila Majid, the petite chanteuse, made an impact on the Malaysian music scene with her debut album which was aptly titled 'Dimensi Baru' in 1985. Zainal Abidin was the lead singer for Headwind and had vast experiences performing in clubs long before he made the concept of world music acceptable to the local audience. The androgynous singer of Search, Amy, was partly responsible for the popularity of 'rock kapak' back in the 80s. Jamal Abdillah was the winner of Bintang RTM 1979 and despite the many controversies surrounding his life, has remained immensely popular. The final leg of their Legendary Concert will be held sometime this month in KL. I truly wish I could be there to witness these four legends in action. :(