Monday, July 30, 2012


My mum and I had a wonderful iftar at Mira's place last night. Nothing fancy and elaborate. Just a small gathering with a few close friends and Mira's family. Coco, my mum and I arrived quite late since we decided to buy some fruits at the last minute. We had to make a detour all the way to town before finally heading to our destination. FooArt and his wife, Yati, had arrived much earlier after FooArt closed his salon at sevenish. The food prepared by Mira was excellent but catching up with each other was priceless. We definitely had a good time that night. Lately, all of us have become so caught up in our own hectic schedules that we rarely have time to get together like we used to. All of them are busy running their own business and unlike them, I am the only salaried employee in the group. Most of the time, our schedules will clash. They are usually busy during school holidays and weekends when that is the time I am usually free. We don't even get together for tea or karaoke sessions or anymore. I was not planning to stay long in the beginning but I ended up going back after eleven. If I had my way, I would have stayed much longer but unfortunately, today is a working day for me. I'm hoping our next gathering will be better and longer than this one. An outing with everyone in tow would be nice but I guess it will have to wait.