Thursday, September 27, 2012


Just when I thought I did not have to learn anything new, they changed their look and setting. They call it upgrading but to me, it's just confusing and annoying. Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! Yes, blogger has a new dashboard and I have to say that I am not too fond of it. I am so used to the old dashboard and working with a new one is not making my life any easier. It will take some time before I can familiarise myself with all the new features and I hope I will not get frustrated and lost while doing so (I'm always lost anyway). One of the things that really bug me is the position of images and videos when I upload them to my blog. They never stay in the centre of the blog post although I have set them to be that way. Now I have to edit the html a little bit (and I am not that thrilled when it comes to any form of adjustment) every time I want to upload any new pictures and videos. The same thing goes for the font sizes. I have discovered that the 'new small font' is not of the same size as the 'old small font'. The 'new small font' is much smaller (much too small in my opinion). There are a few other good features as well but as I mentioned earlier, it will take time for me to get acquainted with them. In the mean time, I guess I have to keep on getting confused and annoyed.