Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am not a doctor and I don't even work in the health care industry but this is something that I think I must share. Please don't take this post as an endorsement or a promotion because that is not what I am trying to do. I simply want to relate my experience and what I went through. After my Mum was discharged from the hospital a few months back, she lost a lot of weight and sometimes was tired and breathless. I was very worried because my Mum had never had such problems before. I did not really know what happened to her body after she received her blood transfusion at the hospital. Explanations from the doctors did not justify the drastic change that had happened to her. She no longer passed urine as much as she did before her hospitalisation. Her sleeping pattern was disrupted and she suddenly had difficulty breathing. She also lost her appetite and no longer could she do any housework that had been her routine. I understand that breathlessness could be due to water retention as renal patients usually do not pass urine as much as a normal person does. There are also patients who cannot pass urine at all and this can usually cause a lot of complications if they do not limit their liquid intake. The water in their bodies is usually extracted during dialysis and the treatment (which usually lasts about four hours each session) will usually drain them of essential nutrients and energy. Consequently, they will feel tired and it will take some time before they fully recover. I was introduced to this product by one of the guys who work at the dialysis centre where my Mum goes for her triweekly dialysis treatment. Initially, I was quite hesitant but I was also desperate. Something needed to be done and fast. My Mum's health, energy level and appetite have drastically improved since she started taking this supplement. This product comes in liquid form and tastes great especially chilled (I know since I've tasted it myself). It will take time for her to gain the weight she has lost but I'm happy with the progress she is making. She is much more energetic than before and her breathlessness is almost gone. Her appetite has come back and she no longer has problems doing light housework. I strongly recommend this product to renal patients who have to control their fluid intake and watch their diet. This product has been formulated to ensure that patients get the required amount of nutrients without having to worry too much about their food intake and restricted diet. The same company also has other products for diabetics, adults and children. Those who are interested can visit their official website to obtain further information or enquire from the nearest pharmacy. I wish I had known about this product much earlier and I can only say Alhamdulillah for everything good that has come my way.