Monday, October 1, 2012


While everyone is getting super excited about the new Legoland, I'm simply quite happy to know that there is a funfair in town. The last time I went to a funfair was a long, long time ago and I can barely remember what I did there. When the sun begins to set in the horizon, a magical fairyland will suddenly emerge. Bright lights. Blaring music. Delicious street food. Fun games. Exciting rides. And endless fun. From what I have heard, the response from the public is quite good but I don't think will be doing my share of the whole funfair thing this time since I have a tendency to make a fool of myself whenever I am in places which make my adrenalin rush. There is a possibility I would be acting like a kid on a sugar rush or worse; someone on an acid trip. Living in a small town like mine, I know news will spread faster than a bushfire if I were seen that way. Still, curiosity took a hold of me and as if in a daze (I'm always in a daze anyway), I went to the funfair during the living daylights to see what the whole place looked like. I was on my way to fetch my Mum from the dialysis centre when I decided to pay the funfair an unofficial visit. I was alone but that did not stop me from doing what I wanted to do. I felt almost adventurous at that time (what was I thinking?). The entrance to the ground was wide open but nobody was there. Not a single soul. Not even a cat or a bird. I took a few pictures of the entrance and then, I walked into the funfair. I could have been charged for trespassing but they had left the entrance wide open without any security at all. Walking into the funfair, I felt as if I was walking into a ghost town. The stalls, the machines and the rides were all around me but everything was dead still. I saw a giant Ferris Wheel looming ahead of me and a beautiful carousel. The hot sun was blazing on top of my head and I wondered where everyone had gone to. There was no sound at all. Everything was silent. I thought maybe the crew members were having their naps before the funfair began its operation for the night but I didn't see any makeshift quarters for them either. I was about to go for a little bit of further exploration when my cell phone rang. I woke up from my short reverie and found that I was standing in the middle of the funfair. It was my Mum asking my whereabouts and I told her that I was on my way. Quickly, I left the ground after taking one last picture of the ticket counter. While walking to my car, I contemplated about my life and life in general. Like the giant Ferris Wheel and the carousel that I saw earlier, life is just like a circle and nothing ever stays at the same spot forever. And in the end, everyone has to get off the ride.