Thursday, January 22, 2009


To a lot of people, life has become so dreary nowadays. What was once fun is no longer so. Life is fun, full of wonder and amazement when you are young, innocent, naive and beautiful. You feel that there is so much that you can do and explore. The world is still waiting for you to embrace you in its arms. But then, you grow older. You realize that life is not always fun. With age, come responsibilities and commitments. The world is not as rose-tinted as you once thought it was. In fact, it can be blurry, vague and sometimes, dark and scary. Your innocence and naivete are now lost and can never found again. It's like leaving home. You can always visit but you can never go back. Maybe, it is true when people say that ignorance is bliss. We are much more confident when we do not know much about the possibilities which await us. We become more hesitant and suspicious as our knowledge and experience grow. Our experiences have shown us that we cannot depend on life to take care of us. It is the other way around. Life is what we make it and we have to make it work not just for us but the others as well. Life can be wonderful again if we want it to be that way. I remember watching an episode (Kick The Can) of 'The Twilight Zone' with my late father one night about a group of old folks at an old folks' home. You can find it on youtube by typing 'twilight zone kick the can'. We won't be able to get young again just by kicking the cans like what the old folks did in that episode but maybe, we can feel young enough to see that life indeed can be wonderful again.