Friday, January 30, 2009


I don't usually voice out my opinion since I believe actions speak louder than words but I guess I have to do it this time. To put it briefly, I simply don't understand the brouhaha a lot of people are making regarding the 44th President of the United States. Afterall, he is just a president. Newspapers, magazines and the media are making it look as if it is truly a big deal. Come on guys, he is just a president of a country! I'm sure there must have been other significant moments which are worth mentioning and celebrating (like my birth or the day I accidentally fell into the drain) but somehow, those moments were not glamourous enough to be highlighted or maybe, they did not occur during our lifetime or even maybe, we could not be part of the action. It seems like everyone wants to have a piece of Obama these days (by writing this, I guess I am also one of them). Celebrations were carried out outside of his home country (I'm not naming which country/countries that did this). Singers and celebrities offered to perform during his inauguration ball. Designers who can't sew or even design have new clothing lines for him and his family (I wonder what his dog will be wearing?). Profit-hungry media and attention-hungry individuals come up with stories about his childhood, his family and relatives, his connection to the whole world, his etc, etc, etc and blah, blah, blah. Enough is enough. No more ego trips for him please. Wish him well and let him do his job. He promised hope and change (for his country and his countrymen). He never said anything about us. Maybe I'm being a little bit skeptical but why do we have to feel his presidency will do us any good? We have to remember that Obama does not run his country alone. He is only a persona elected to represent the executive branch of the government and I guess we are smart enough to figure out who those people are.