Monday, January 5, 2009


I was at work when one of my colleagues came to see me and said someone wanted to see me. I was shocked when I saw my nextdoor neighbour who came to bring me sad news. He told me a car had run over my cat right in front of my house. I was speechless and my head was spinning at the same time. Nenet, my cat, is no longer part of my household. Not again, that was what I said to my self. It was only this morning when I last saw him looking at me while he was still sitting on the bed. My neighbour asked me what I wanted to do with his body so I told him to put him in a box which I had in front of my house ( the same box where I put my dear beloved Mimi which died a few months back). I could not leave work at that time and I was thinking how to tell the news to my mum. My mum was not at home at that time since she was at the hemodialysis centre. I was planning to rush home during lunch hour and do whatever that needed to be done before my mum came home but she beat me to it. She came home much earlier and called me to tell what had happened. I went home but Nenet's body was nowhere to be found. I found out that another neighbour who was there during the accident had buried Nenet in front of my house. He said he did want me to see Nenet's body since his head was crushed. That was very considerate of him. He told me that a green car was speeding through the neighbourhood and had run over my dear Nenet. The driver stopped for a while but sped off when my neighbour started running towards him. I went to the place where Nenet was buried and I could still see his blood on the road. I don't even have a single picture of Nenet and now only memories remain. Nenet, just like Mimi, was a quiet cat. He would wait until my other cats had finished their meals before he ate. He seldom left the house and he would eat anything I gave him. He was big for his age and everybody loved him. I don't understand why people have to drive as if there is no tomorrow in residential areas. To a lot of people, I might have lost just a cat but it was my cat and I loved him very much. My mum said she would not dote on the cats that we still have at home anymore but I know she will change her mind once they come rubbing against her leg and start trying to sit on her lap. I am still numb and terribly saddened. I know I will recover but this whole experience has definitely left another sad mark in my life. Rest in peace, Nenet. You will be missed.