Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There has been a lot of hearsay on the Internet regarding the remake of 'We Are The World' and I personally don't think that a great song like that can ever be remade. I'm not hating or dissing anyone. I appreciate the effort and I support the worthy cause the project is for (not the project itself though) but I don't think I'll like the new version. 'We Are The World' was and is still special. It was a collaborative effort which involved many great artistes from the 80s although some famous names were also missing from the production. To remake that song would be equivalent to trying to replace your Mama's cooking (I simply can't imagine my Mama's cooking turned into a nouveau fusion cuisine). The song is good in itself and it doesn't need any new interpretation or production. Doing so would only draw comparisons on the vocal ability of the artistes or the music arrangement or the production itself. The focus of the original "We Are The World' was its purpose and lyrical content not the stars who volunteered to participate in it. Another similar effort would only be seen as insincere on the artistes and producer's part. Many will undoubtedly see this effort as another way of capitalising on a classic song and of course, Michael Jackson's demise. Those who are invited to participate but turn the offer down will definitely be labeled as heartless and insensitive. I'm quite sure this production is going to be a hot mess. Nothing can ever surpass the original Woodstock (all efforts have been in vain of course). We can never find another Elvis or the Beatles or Billie Holiday. Similarly, nothing will and can ever replace 'We Are The World'.