Sunday, February 13, 2011


This reality show will make its appearance for the 9th season soon and to tell the truth, it doesn't make me excited at all. I stopped watching the show a long, long time ago and I don't think I will start watching again. Soon the battle will begin and I can almost anticipate the hullabaloo and ruckus this show is going to produce and reproduce (like always). It has been reported that this is going to be the final season of the show (or is this another on of their gimmicks?) when, in my opinion, they should have called it quits many, many moons ago. By the way, the word 'gimmick' has a negative connotation to it and used to be associated with con men. It is quite strange that there are many of us who are considered as an educated audience can easily fall prey to the exploitations and manipulations of the mass media. Well, to the fans, have fun watching the show, rooting and voting for the contestants, and spending (or wasting) your mobile phone credit.

p/s As for me, I think I'm going to stick with 'Losing It With Gillian' and "Master Chef'. What a combination, huh?