Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I don't even remember when or why I started following her comic strips. All I know is I like them a lot (for those who know me well, they know this is always my most frequently used excuse or reason). Maybe it is because they are quite light and non-political. Another possibility is because they make fun of the modern women's insecurities and idiosyncrasies (as can be seen in its tag line - "four basic guilt groups" of life — food, love, mom, and work). I find the characters to be funny, zany and paranoid but in a very realistic way. In a way, I can see many similarities between the comic strips characters and the characters that I encounter in my life (that includes me too). The main character, Cathy, married her boyfriend, Irving in 2005 after decades of dating him (in cartoon time of course).

After more than 30 years showing how paranoid most of us can be, this comic strips finally came to the end of its run in October 2010 with an announcement of Cathy's pregnancy. As a character, it seems to me that Cathy has almost come full circle. Starting as an insecure woman who has to juggle the 'four basic guilt groups' of life, she can now boasts of having a career, a husband, a home and finally, a family. What more can she ask for?

p/s Bye for now, Cathy. I just can't wait for you to be back with more zaniness and new insecurities.