Wednesday, March 23, 2011


This is my second box set from a local artiste. The first one is Sheila Majid's box set which I bought last year (There is another entry about her box set). Francissca Peter or more famously known as Fran was one half of a duo (Roy & Fran). They had a few hit songs back in the early eighties before both of them went solo. I have always loved Fran's songs and yet I did not own any of her cassettes or CDs (until now that is). Maybe it was because most of her popular songs could easily be found on the Internet or were played constantly on the radio. This box set consists of 10 CDs (including one new single entitled 'Tiada Gementar Lagi') which I got for only RM 97.80 and was released in conjunction with her concert at Istana Budaya. Quite similar to Sheila's box set, this one is also very basic (even their poses on the box sets are quite similar). Just a box containing the CDs. Nothing special at all and the collection is incomplete since one of her albums which was produced independently is not included in this box set. It is sad when a project to mark an individual's achievement (2011 is her 33rd year in the music industry) is treated like any other ordinary event. I'm pretty sure there are many other fans of hers who would love to own a few commemorative items. The company in charge of the box set could have come up with posters, key chains, booklets, stationery items, postcards et cetera et cetera et cetera (I can be quite demanding and you can tell that I am not the type who can easily be pleased). Still, this is better than nothing.

I hope the recording companies will produce more box sets in the future. The current music (most of it anyway) bores me and I will be as happy as a lark if the COMPLETE discography of these artistes is released :

1. SUDIRMAN - I wonder why EMI is not doing anything about this at all. A first class entertainer like him should have his own box set. His first EP and English albums should be included too.
2. NOORKUMALASARI - My Kak Noor! Love her so much! I'll be the first one ordering this one if it comes out. And don't forget her last album after she was dumped by EMI.
3. AZLINA AZIZ - It's time for her to make a comeback and a box set might trigger some public interest.
4. SHARIFAH AINI - What can I say? She's legendary!
5. ANITA SARAWAK - Another legend.
6. KHATIJAH IBRAHIM - A box set could have been produced when she last performed at Istana Budaya. Not that many people know that she also has three English albums to her name.
7. UJI RASHID - With so many good and popular songs there is no way this sweet-voiced singer's box set is not going to sell. Her albums with Hail Amir should be included as well.
7. ALLEYCATS - You can find reissues of their old albums but not the complete discography.