Sunday, March 27, 2011


I came home late last night after attending a 'tahlil' at my friend's new premise. Mira's bridal boutique, The Touch by Andaman Mira, is now located on the ground floor of a shophouse instead of the top floor of the local shopping plaza. That means better access for his customers who don't feel like climbing the stairs before they could get to his boutique (which means less energy consumed for me every time I visit him there). The 'tahlil' started quite late since we had to fetch the students from a local 'tahfiz' school. The 'tahlil' went well as planned and after that, we had to send them back before we went out for something to eat. To Mira and Ady at The Touch by Andaman Mira , congratulations!

The new premise of The Touch by Andaman Mira