Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I haven't had time to update this blog for quite a while since I was busy planning my youngest brother's wedding (and juggling my other responsibilities as well). As fate would have it, a week before I attended my brother's 'akad nikah', I was 'asked' to be the MC for a formal function at my workplace. What pissed me off was the fact that somebody else was already selected to handle that job much, much earlier. I didn't feel like refusing the 'job' since I knew how important that function was. So I took everything in stride and did what I was asked to do. Surprisingly, I did not bitch out loud (which I rarely do anymore) even though I was pulled into different directions simultaneously. Regarding my brother's wedding, there were still some invitation cards to be delivered and other minute details that had to be attended to. Living in a small community like mine, personal invitation is still considered as the proper way to invite some people (especially the older folks). I could have put the cards into their mailboxes but it would seem like an insult to them. With tonnes of things still not settled, I left for Puncak Alam (where the bride and her family was staying) with my mum for my brother's 'akad nikah' ceremony. I stayed almost all night finishing the 'hantaran' and woke up groggy the next morning (who wouldn't if they were in my shoes?). The rest of my family members arrived at the place where my mum and I were staying and then it was off to the bride's place for the 'akad' ceremony. Everything went well as planned and I have to admit that I even shed a little tear (just one teeny, weeny little tear that was barely noticeable anyway). After lunch, we packed our stuff and then it was back to my hometown to prepare for the 'kenduri' on the groom's side. I went through my list of do's and don'ts (mostly do's) and finalised the small details I might have overlooked. The night before the 'kenduri', I sent my mum and my family members packing to the 'rest house' since I did not want them to worry whether I had done everything or not. In the past it would have been 'it's partay' time if I had the house all to myself but not anymore since there were still things to be done. On the day of the 'kenduri', I went to the hall where the wedding was to be held to oversee everything. It was raining (quite heavily at the beginning) and I was a bit afraid that it would spoil the wedding but then, I decided that there was only so much that I could do and control (and the weather was not one of them). The guests started to arrive and the reception went well as planned. There is so much more to tell but I do not want to bore anyone who reads this entry. I'd also like to thank everyone who was involved in making my brother's wedding a success especially all family members, relatives and friends (you know who you are). So here are some of the pictures. Congratulations to the happy couple and by the way, I want to see a new addition (or maybe two) to the family by the end of next year!

The 'hantaran'.

My cousin explaining how to prepare the 'tepak'.

Yours truly deep in thoughts during the 'akad nikah' ceremony.

Some of my family members after the 'akad nikah' ceremony at the bride's place.

Along and Faiz doing the 'pelamin'.

Along, Faiz and Coco decorating the 'pelamin'.

Mira arranging the flowers and Ady doing the wedding aisle.

Mira and Ady putting the final touches on the wedding aisle.

Fooart and my younger brother, Shahril arranging the 'bunga pahar' and 'bunga telur'.

Mira doing the fruit carving, Fooart and Shahril shelling the quail eggs and Ady listening to them.

The reception hall from the entrance.

The 'pulut kuning'.

The bride and groom.

Some of my family members during the wedding reception in my hometown.

p/s I wish my father were still with us to see his youngest son get married. Al Fatihah for him.